What is the minimum age to compete?
Minimum age for events as follows:
3.5km - 12 years (calculated on race day)
1.6km - 11 years (calculated on race day)
800m - 10 years (calculated on race day) 

250m "Try-It" - 8 years (calculated on race day)
There are no maximum age limits.

Can I wear a wetsuit or tri-suit?
The event is conducted under Masters Swimming Open Water Swim Rules (See WOW Swims Rules). Swimmers must abide by these rules in order to be eligible for prizes. Regarding swimwear, the rules allow tri-suits and any swimwear other than a wetsuit. Swimmers may wear wetsuits, but will not be eligible for prizes.If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]

Can I bring my own paddler to the event?
Unfortunately, no. There will be a large contingent of event paddlers who will assist swimmers with their course bearings but individual /personal paddlers are not allowed and will be asked to leave the course.

I’m entered in the 3.5km Challenge. How do I get to the start line?
The buses are back!!! All competitors in the 3.5km Challenge will be taken by bus from the registration area at the UWA Water Sports Complex on Hackett Dr to the start line in the city. All personal items other than those used for swimming must be left at the registration area.

Can I enter more than one event?
Yes. You can enter the 250m and any of the other events. You will receive two timing chips which will need to be worn in the relevant race distance. No other race combinations are possible eg you cannot swim the 800m and 3.5km or the 800, and 1.6km events.

How is the Corporate Cup awarded?
Swimmers in the 800m Splash may nominate a company during online registration. The Company with the greatest number of representatives (employees, friends and family members) will be awarded the Corporate Cup. In the event of a tie, the company with the fastest last swimmer across the line will win.

Do I need to attend the Primary School I nominate to swim for in the 250m "Try-It" event?
No. Parents, siblings and friends can simply register to swim for a nominated Primary School and help to increase numbers towards their total.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my online donation to Telethon Speech & Hearing?
Yes you will. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and TSH will email you a tax receipt after the event.

Where can I find photos of the event?
All photos of the Swim Thru Perth are located on the Claremont Masters Website Gallery pages: http://claremontmasters.org/photo-gallery/swim-thru-perth

If you have any further questions please contact us at SwimThruPerth or refer to the WOW Swims Rules