Claremont Masters Swimming Club is delighted to announce that the
2016 Swim Thru Perth has been swum in near perfect conditions.

Congratulations to the following swimmers:

4K solo winners:
Rhys Mainstone (47:07.6)
Jaime Bowler (51:22.4)

1.6K Solo winners:
Michael Lori (20:57.4)
Annie Kitto (24:18.8)

1.6K Teams winner:
One Steel (Michael Hurley, Sally Bell, John Gow, Peter Marr)

Full results are available from the following links:

Results All http://www.bluechipresults.com.au/results.aspx?CId=11&RId=804
4km Minara Solo http://www.bluechipresults.com.au/Results.aspx?CId=11&RId=804&EId=1
1.6km Minara Mile http://www.bluechipresults.com.au/Results.aspx?CId=11&RId=804&EId=2

Photos of the event can be viewed and downloaded on the Claremont Masters Website gallery pages: http://claremontmasters.org/photo-gallery/swim-thru-perth

Our Event Patron
We are delighted to announce that seven-time World Champion Marathon swimmer
Shelley Taylor-Smith
returns as Event Patron for the 2016 Minara Resources Swim Thru Perth.

Shelley’s passion for the sport of open water swimming is boundless and her achievements unparalleled. She brings decades of experience to an event that she first swam and won as a 12 year old! www.championmindset.com.au